Basic Workshop Supply List

1" flat watercolor wash brush (acquarelle style synthetic or sable fibers)
Round watercolor brush (#10 or 12 Richeson Series 9000 round synthetic or equivalent)
A small scrub brush such as a #16 Fritch Scrubber (or Creative Mark Scrubber) or a ¼-½" bristle bright" oil brush.

Tube watercolors: Note, photograph does not show upgraded tube paints
Cobalt Blue (15ml))—stay away from Cobalt Blue HUE*
Cadmium Yellow (medium) (15ml) - stay away from Cadmium Yellow HUE*
Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red Scarlet—not the HUE* version.
*In art jargon, HUE means "it looks similar but is not the traditional color"
Permanent Rose or Thalo Crimson (look for pv-19 or quinacridone pigment in ingredients)
Burnt Sienna
Ultramarine Blue
Paynes gray optional

For portraiture, add the following:
Raw sienna
Cerulean Blue (pb-35) (not the HUE* version)
Transparent yellow such as DaVinci Yellow or Winsor & Newton New Gamboge. (Look for py-154 in ingredients.)

(reputable brands: ( Cotman, Grumbacher Academy, Grumbacher Finest, DaVinci, Winsor & Newton, M.Graham, Daniel Smith, Sennelier, VanGogh, Cheap Joe's, Turner & etc.)

4-22x30" sheets Watercolor paper--140# cold pressed and/or rough (Canson, Arches, Fabriano, etc)
Cold pressed and/or rough surface. Cut all 4 sheets in half 15x22" this will be our standard size for the class.

Richeson Covered Watercolor Palette or equivalent

Mounting board approximately 16X22" upon which to clip your
paper (corrugated) cardboard, gatorboard, masonite or plywood are fine)
4 clips

(The above supplies (excluding those for portraiture) are available for a package price of $135- includes tax. This is a significant discount from list price and lower than local retailers. If interested, email, text or phone your reservation to me at 720-251-3525.)

Additional Needs:
Water bucket, Pencil, kneaded eraser, absorbent rags or paper towels